Saltillo Post Office and Postmasters

Russell, Moses F., 13 Feb 1860
Arthur, John, 13 Mar 1861
Arthur, John, 5 Aug 1861 (CSA)
Post office discontinued 5 Nov 1866
(Post office re-established) Hackleman, George B., 15 Feb 1867
Ramsey, Sol 2 Dec 1869
Griffith, John T. 25 Dec 1873
Jones, Jesse, 2 Jun 1874
Arthur, Wm. E., 15 Nov 1876
Bazemore, Doc R., 16 May 1877
Griffith, John T., 5 Dec 1877
Green, Cullie J., 3 Jan 1883
Miller, Mrs. Mary J., 16 Oct 1883
Arthur, Jeff'erson  D., 13 Jan 1885
Hatchel, John W., 28 Jul 1892
Arthur, Jefferson D., 10 Oct 1894
Bennett, Wm. B., 1 Oct 1894
Holbert, Thomas P. 22 Oct 1900
Lester, Finis M., 28 Dec 1905
Penn, Jas. A. 17 May 1911
Griffith, Walter A., 24 Aug 1912
Lollar, Pearl C., 2 Feb 1914
White, Wm. E., 17 Oct 1914
Hammond, Homer H., 11 Sep 1919
Penn, Richard A., 15 October 1926
Arthur, Rua  M., 3 Dec 1927
Robinson, Emma L., 26 June 1971
White, Mollie 28 April 1984
Photo courtesy of Reba Gulsby of Universal City, Texas
Saltillo Businesses and Professional People, 1884-1885* 

Arthur, W. E. , grist mill and grocer
Coppedge, John Abner., physician
Green, C. J., general store
Green, R., physician
Hay, Rev. William (Methodist)
Miller, Mrs. M. J., teacher

*Texas State Gazeteer & Business Directory

Hopkins County Heritage, September, 1998. pp. 73-74. Published by the Hopkins County Genealogical Society, Sulphur Springs, Texas. saltillofamilies.gif, saltillofamilies2.gif, & saltillofamilies3.gif
Saltillo Drug Store Opening

The opening party at the post office drug store went over with a big wow, even though a storm cloud threatening rain blew up about night. Twenty gallons of brick ice cream was given away by Rua Arthur, proprietor of the store. The Cumby Band came down and entertained with a number of pieces until eleven o'clock. Little Ruth Odom played coronet solo. Suth is only nine and never had a lesson on the horn in her life. Her mother plays the coronet and Ruth shows us she can too.

The store opening announcement and the poem above came to me from Merri Coleman, who got them from the Arlington, Texas, library. The announcement would have to be around 1927, for that is when Rau Arthur became postmaster. As to the poem, it has to be earlier when the town was really thriving. I came to Saltillo in 1938. There were a few businesses at that time, but not near as many as mentioned in the poem. TJM
The last steam locomotive that the Cotton Belt Route built in its shops in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It is on display in the museum there.