Carolyn Sue Swain (b.? ) with her pet chicken that followed her around. Picture was taken by Marie Harris on the Payne farm about 3 miles northwest of Saltillo. psalt9. Courtesy Carolyn Sue Swaim
Hillman McMath Hathcoat with hunting dogs. Picture was taken at the Hinley farm about 2 miles west of Saltillo. psalt10. Courtesy Carolyn Sue Swaim
Len (b.? - d.?) and Carolyn Sue Swain (b.? ) in 1946. Picture was taken at Evans Point about 2 miles west of Saltillo. psalt8. Courtesy Carolyn Sue Swaim
Len (b.? - d.?) and Viola (b.? - d.?) Swaim proprietors of the White Swan Cafe In Saltillo. Picture was taken by Earlene Henderson in 1955. Carolyn Sue peeking through screen door. psalt11. Courtesy Carolyn Sue Swaim
Dora 9, Velma Viola 3, and Vida Marie Hathcoat 8 mos., daughters of Annie and Hillman Hathcoat.  Picture taken in 1916. psalt12. Courtesy Carolyn Sue Swaim
Walter Burns (b. 1892-d.1971) who lived a couple miles east of Saltillo on US 67, working some 1958. psalt13. Courtesy James Fletcher
Church lunch at the old Baptist church. ca. 1940. psalt14. Courtesy James Fletcher
Cotton Miller ( b.?-d.?). ca. 1935. psalt15. Courtesy James Fletcher
Elbie Jennings (b.?-d.?) ). ca. 1936. psalt16. Courtesy James Fletcher
Florene Jennings (b.?-d.?). ca. 1936. psalt17. Courtesy James Fletcher
Harlan Warshum (b.?-d.? ). The apparatus at Harlan's left is a "mail catcher arm". The mail car on a train would snatch outgoing mail from this arm as it whizzed by. Incoming mail was place in a mail bag and thrown from the train. The arm in the picture was just east of Salitllo's depot. ca. 1936. psalt18. Courtesy James Fletcher
Royal (b.?-d.?) and Fleda (Cowser) [b.?-d.?) Wilder.  Picture taken in 1941. Royal and Fleda lived in the house below from 1948 to 1958. In 1958 Gulf Pipeline Division closed the pump station at Saltillo; Royal, an employee of Gulf, transferred to the Gregg County station. psalt19. Courtesy Robert Cowser
Earl Wilder (b.?-d.?), a mail carrier, had this house built in 1936. After his death in 1948 his son Royal and his wife, Fleda (shown above) lived there until 1958. Roy Cowser (b.?-d.1979) purchased the house in 1958 and lived there until his death in 1979. Cowser's daughter, Juanita Horne (b.?-d.1982) lived in the house till her death in 1982. The house was the fourth house on the east side of the road going south from the barbershop and drugstore on US 67 toward the Methodist church. It was razed around 1993. psalt20. Courtesy Robert Cowser
L-R: Margie (Cowser) Hildreth (b.? - d.?), Roy Cowser (b.?-d.?), and Fannie Dennis (b.?-d.?). Roy and Margie are siblings. Photo taken in 1912. Courtesy Robert Cowser

Ida Cork (Corley) Bennett (b.1867-d.1940) with her son R. L. Bennett (b.1898-d.1964), who is holding his son, R. L. Bennett Jr. (b.1925-d.1998)  ca 1926. Courtesy Cynthia C. Lee

Dow Arthur (1873-1953) took this picture of a family who was travelling and had stopped in Saltillo in 1914. Courtesy Wanda Corn

Mary (Arthur) Goswick (1890-1978)),  grand daughter of  John Arthur III (1820-1882)and Mary Mildred Griffith (1831-1908), and wife of Moses S. Goswick (1888-1951).Courtesy of Juana (Goswick) Bennison
Courtesy James Fletcher
Courtesy James Fletcher
Courtesy James Fletcher
Courtesy James Fletcher
Walter (1877-1942) and Myrtle
(1881-1960) Conley.Courtesy Bob Conley.
L-R:  Buddy Finch (   ), Bobby Conley  (  ), Joe Ray Conley (  ), and Travis Finch (  ). Courtesy Bob Conley.
Cousins Patricia (  ) and Barbara (  ) Conley, born two days apart. Bobby Conley shown in picture says, this may have been last time girls went topless. Courtesy Bob Conley.
Bobby Conley (  ) with parents Ovetta     1909-1985 ) and Raymon (1906-1993) Conley. Sister, Barbara Conley (  ), is on right. Courtesy Bob Conley.
Brothers Raymon ( ), Agee  ( ), and Elmo (  ) Conley. Courtesy Bob Conley.
The house  John Arthur Jr built around 1820 in Franklin County Virginia.  The Arthur family was considered well to do in their community in Virginia. John Arthur Jr died in 1844, and his wife, Charlotte, died in 1882. John Arthur 3rd, their son, was born here. He and his wife, Mary, lived here with his folks when they were first married. About three years later they moved to Texas where John Arthur 3rd founded the town of Saltillo, Texas (now known as Old Saltillo, Texas). The house shown here is bigger than it looks in the picture. Behind it on a hill is the family cemetery with about 90 to 100 graves. John died in 1844, and his wife, Charlotte, died in 1882. This place in Virginia was passed down to some of the children. To the right is a picture of the road sign near the house. Courtesy Wanda Corn
Jack (1870-1945) and Minnie (1872-1970) (Turrentine) Turner. Taken 1941. Jack and Minnie were from the Pine Forest/Greenwood area. They are buried in Pine Forest Cemetery. Courtesy Gretta Reich.
Jack Turner (1870-1945) and his sister, Lula B. Turner Combs (1872-1943). This picture was taken at the Combs reunion  in 1926. Courtesy Gretta Reich.
Jack Turner (1870-1945) and his sister, Lula B. Turner Combs (1872-1943). This picture was taken at the Combs reunion  in 1926. Courtesy Gretta Reich.
Pearlie Turrentine  ( 1882-1966 ). Pearlie was a sister of Minnie Turrentine Turner (1872-1970). This picture was taken around 1950. Pearlie wrote articles for the Hopkins County Echo newspaper. Courtesy Gretta Reich.
Richard Oliver "Ollie" Combs (1888-1967) and Eva Leona Bradford (1895-1984) This picture was taken in 1909 before they married.  Ollie and Leona moved from the Greenwood community to Saltillo in 1942. They lived northwest of town across Stouts creek. Courtesy Gretta Reich.