Tom has been kind enough to publish my unfinished list for the Old Saltillo Cemetery on his Saltillo website and I am very grateful to him, however, I do not want anyone to think I am taking credit for all the work involved in this undertaking. I received a lot of information from some  wonderful ladies of Saltillo and I would like to acknowledge their outstanding work. Paula Sain was kind enough to send me  a list of names she had from June Tuck from the late 1970’s as well as some names she had added. I know they both did a lot of work on this project and to them I say thank you.
   I want to thank Chris Skelly for doing a wonderful and outstanding job of researching and organizing the cemetery and putting some names with the unmarked graves which is a huge undertaking and I am very grateful for her dedication to this project.
   I want to thank all the wonderful group that keeps the cemetery looking beautiful and placing flowers there for all our loved ones. I don’t have all the names and I don’t want to leave anyone out so my wholehearted thanks to each and every one of you.
   I want to thank Louis and JoAnn Agee for all their years of dedication to the cemetery and the church and all the projects they have been committed to.
   I want to thank Mama, who is now buried in the cemetery, for keeping records for my family.
   In case some of you don’t know me I am the daughter of Christine Arthur Corn. I was born at the Old Arthur Place in Saltillo in 1941 just down the road from the Cemetery and Church .  I was raised in Sulphur Springs and Saltillo.  Since my mother was a single working mother my Aunt Jessie Agee would take me and my sister Dolores in the summer and some weekends and holidays so we spent a lot of time in Saltillo. 
  If you see any information in the cemetery records that is not accurate please feel free to email me and I will correct it. My email is walopic@aol.com . If you have more information to add to the records please let me know. I have also posted this list on www.findagrave.com and I put some pictures and bio’s on that website. If you have a picture or bio you want posted on that website please let me know and I’ll be happy to do it.

My Sincerest Thanks
Wanda Corn