Stories of Saltillo

                                      Collected and Edited by Thomas J. Minter
                                       260 pages, paperback. Perfect Binding.
                                       Published by Inc., May 12, 2008
                                       Price $15.95
                                       Available at:

     Most of the stories first appeared on this web site. A few appeared first in other publications. They are spontaneous, stand alone stories, and were written from the experiences of their authors. They are for the most part centered around the town of Saltillo, or the wider area.
     In putting this book together, there were three overriding considerations. One, was to sell the book at the very minimum price allowed by the publisher.  The second was to use a larger than usual typeface for easier reading. Finally, to use images (more than 100), like Ken Burns does with his film, to help tell the stories, which conjure up in the mind of the reader even more images and memories.
     If you read the book, any feedback would be appreciated.